How to Play Blu-ray ISO Image Files on Computer

“One of my friends has an external hard drive that saves many classic movies. Many of them are Blu-ray ISO images files. I just buy this hard drive for these movies. But I don’t know how to play the ISO files on my computer with Windows 10. Do you know how to play Blu-ray ISO image file on computer?”
Asked by Timmy

.iso file is the best way to save your Blu-ray movies on computer. It can keep all the data contents of your optical disc. So if you want to keep your Blu-ray movies on PC, use .iso file. But when you want to play Blu-ray ISO image file on your computer, you can’t do that directly. In this article, I will show you the best way to play Blu-ray ISO image file on PC and Mac.

To play Blu-ray ISO image file on computer, you need to use virtue Blu-ray drive on computer to read the contents stored in Blu-ray ISO image files. Besides virtue Blu-ray drive, you need Blu-ray Player software to play the Blu-ray movies on computer.

Step 1. Run Blu-ray Player Software

Free download, install and run Blu-ray Player software on computer. You will see the following interface on your computer.

Step 2. Read Blu-ray ISO Image with Virtue Blu-ray Drive

Run your Virtue Blu-ray drive on your computer and load your Blu-ray ISO image file to it.

Step 3. Play Blu-ray ISO Image File on Computer

Click “Open Disc” button on the interface. You can now select the Virtue Drive from the pop-up Window easily. Then this Blu-ray player will begin to play the Blu-ray Movies on your computer.

This player software allows you to select audio tracks, subtitles and chapters to play your Blu-ray movies. Now you can easily enjoy your Blu-ray movies which are saved in .iso files on computer without limitation with this Blu-ray Player software.